These pictures are part of my collection of finished scarves. You can click on one of these scarves, it will take you to its page where you can see the free pattern, step by step instructions to knit the scarf you have chosen.

Snow Flake Blue Scarf     Gingham Red and Black Long Women's Scarf with Strings    Plaited Basketweave Scarf       Pine Lace Scarf  Small Claw Cables Scarf   Eyelet Lace Scarf  Lace Leaves Scarf 2   Entrelac Scarf   Eyelet Mock Cable Scarf 1     Stripes Rib Scarf 1    Hurdles Stitch Scarf 6  Designed Scarf for men   Herringbone Scarf Chunky Lace Scarf 2 Checkerboard Scarf 1 Double Seed Scarf         Striped Garter Scarf 43    Multi-Colored-Loops-Long-Scarf-Women-Pink-Brown-Orange-Infinity-Knitted-Scarf Tic Tac Toe Yellow and Gray Scarf Nastil Orange and Cream Eggshell Scarf, Infinity Cowl, Long Knitted Women Scarf 4 Ridge Check Long Scarf, Dark and Light Blue Infinity Cowl, Women Knitted Neck Wrap Warmer 3  Mock Fair Isle Scarf, Dark Green and Gold Neck Warmer, Knitted long Scarf, Women CowlWoven Ribbons Scarf, Brown, Yellow, & Pink Cowl, Infinity Scarf, Women Knitted Long Scarf 5Alternated Loops Scarf Granite Knitted Blue and Bone Long Scarf, Women Infinity Scarf Honeycomb Knitted Long Scarf, Brown and Cream Infinity Cowl, Women Scarf 2  Ladders with Cables Pink and Blue Knitted Women Infinity Scarf Star Stitch Scarf Slip Crosses Infinity Cowl, Light and Dark Purple Scarf, Knitted Women Long Scarf, Neck Warmer, Long Neck Wrap 2 Aster Flower Knitted Scarf, Yellow and Orange Long Woman Scarf 3 range and Red Latice Knit Womens Long Scarf with Strings 2  Infinity Scarf 2             Waffle Scarf with buttons           Marietta's Scarf      Keyhole Scarf           Seed Stitch Scarf 2       Twin Rice Scarf  Moss Scarf        

Checkerboard Scarf 2  Waffle Scarf 3    Infinity Scarf 3   Twin Rice Scarf    Marietta's Scarf 3 Keyhole Scarf 3     Moss Scarf 3     Infinity Seed stitch ScarfMarietta's Scarf 3


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