Marietta’s Scarf

Marietta's Scarf 1Marietta’s Scarf

Yarn: # 6 Super Bulky (see the two pictures below for more information)

Marietta's Scarf Yarn a

Knitting Needles: # 8 US

The Marietta’s scarf is very elegant and puffy scarf as soon you get the knitting process this will be easy and faster to finish it. Follow the steps below to create your Marietta’s scarf. This is great to give as a gift too.

First check the ribbon, as you can see every top space is a loop and we are going to named and use it as a stitch (see picture)

Marietta's Scarf Note 1c

Note: To knit this yarn you need to keep it pretty uniform do not twist it; before I started I untangle the complete yarn and a roll it into a cardboard to keep it straight and uniform. This ribbon come tide with little pieces of thin yarn (of same color and material) which I save if I need them after I finish the scarf (just in case).

Marietta's Scarf Note 1a       Marietta's Scarf Note 1b

Step 1: First you are going to fold the ribbon after the two first loops to hide a little bit the beginning of the ribbon; once this is folded you are going to cast on 11 stitches see the picture.

Marietta's Scarf Step 1a          Marietta's Scarf Step 1b          Marietta's Scarf Step 1c  Marietta's Scarf Step 1d  Marietta's Scarf Step 1e

Step 2: Now is time to knit as normal knit all the stitches across row

Marietta's Scarf Step 2a   Marietta's Scarf Step 2b   Marietta's Scarf Step 2c   Marietta's Scarf Step 2d


Step 3: When you turn the needle from right hand to left hand be careful with the ribbon (yarn), this has to be untwisted (for this you can turn it every other turn in opposite site, if you got it but if not just untangle the yarn), and you will knit all the stitches in all process (knit all rows).

Marietta's Scarf Step 3a            Marietta's Scarf Step 3b

Step 4: Now you will be ready to bind off.  You need to make sure that you have like 12 to 13 loops of the working yarn left to start the binding off process. For this you will use the …. as normal binding off.

a. Knit the first two stitches.

Marietta's Scarf Step 4a

b. Then slip the left needle in the first stitch of your right needle, then pull it over the second one, then drop it off from the two needles

Marietta's Scarf Step 4b1                                               Marietta's Scarf Step 4b2

c. Now you will have one stitch in your right needle, and then knit the next stitch, repeat b and c until you finish with all your stitches

Marietta's Scarf Step 4b3

d. For the last stitch you will use a piece of yarn that you save at the beginning. Folded the piece of yarn in half, hold the last stitch with your hand and take out the needle,

Marietta's Scarf Step 4d1   Marietta's Scarf Step 4d3


e. then with the help of a crochet needle, close it

Marietta's Scarf Step 4e1   Marietta's Scarf Step 4e2  Marietta's Scarf Step 4e3 Marietta's Scarf Step 4e4

f. Then hide the yarn.

Marietta's Scarf Step 4f1   Marietta's Scarf Step 4f2

Note: You will use the complete 42 yards of ribbon (yarn) for a size of 4” X 42”, but you can make it bigger than that if you wish. Then, to add a new yarn just two loops before finished the old yarn put the first two loops of the new yarn on the top of the old yarn, then fold it a little to hide the ends of both yarns and continue knitting.


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