Learn How To Knit A Scarf

Now on days, the scarf and its story is very common in the whole world, since ancient times people have looked different ways to learn how to knit a scarf. It has been very simple, maybe more simple than you would think. It does not require a set pattern nor does it have rules to follow. It is up to the person who is knitting the scarf to decide what feels easier and comfortable.

Learn how to knit a scarf by attaining knowledge (Cast-On, Knit, purl, and binding Off) of the four main steps of knitting will help you create thousands of scarves.

The scarf is a garment that is placed around the neck. There are several ways to wear it. In cold weather, the scarf is meant to protect the neck and keep the person warm. The size of a common scarf is much longer than it is wide. In high temperature it is used as a garment to flaunt, for this reason this kind of scarf is made of thin yarn and its width is narrower.


women with a scarfThe scarf has an origin of more than 700 years. In the seventeenth century the scarf was part of the high fashion. This happened after Napoleon gave a scarf as a gift to the Empress Josephine. In Europe and France scarves were a very popular way for women to dress.

This accessory can be worn with a hat and gloves of the same material to give the final touch, but it really does not matter if all thin three accessories are different or similar in color, all depend in what you are wearing with it.


men with scarfThe scarf is also a garment worn by men and this may be accompanied by a long trench coat, which makes them look great. The most appropriate colors for man scarf are: white, black, brown, gray, or dark blue. A man’s scarf design is not very flashy.

The scarves just have lines or squares and these can be combined with other colors such as those already mentioned above. As same as women, the men can wear the scarf with a hat and gloves


YarnThere are different ways to Learn How To Knit A Scarf. To begin we find that there are a wide variety of yarns such as wool, polyester, acrylic, etc. Also you can find that there are a variety of colors. The scarf can be made of a single color or combined with two or more colors. You can create beautiful designs by mixing  the colors.

You can also add designs to it using just one color, by changing the way of the stitch. You can use patterns to create a new scarf. You can create shapes in it like lines, squares, triangles, diamonds, circles, etc. After you learn the most simple stitches you will see amazing results of all you can create in the knitting process.


Knit A CableWe have a lot of different stitches like the most simple ones are Purl and Knit, with these two you can create a lot of designs, but there are many more these can be a little more difficult like lacescables, Airy Garter Stitch, Herringbone stitch, and a lot more, but as soon you ge it it will by easy too.


StringsIn addition to colors and shapes there are other important things that you have to keep in mind when learning how to knit a scarf. As I mentioned earlier the most common scarf is the one that has a long side that is much longer than it is wide.

To have an idea of the size, the large side can be measured from the back of the neck to the front waist of the person you are going to knit the scarf for, and then double the size. You can add strings to end of each edge. The width can be covered from the lower of the neck to the chin or covering up to the nose.


infinity scarfWe can also say that today’s hot new models of scarves are in smaller sizes. It goes only around the neck in a loose way and its ends are woven together with each other, This kind of scarf is known as infinity scarf.

It can be knitting with two needles or with a circular needle.


scaf with bottonsThere are other similar to the ones I previously mentioned (infinity scarf), but its edges are not woven together these are joined by one or more buttons.

For this one you need to use two needles and similar to the long one, but in shorter size.


Scarf's StoryThere are many ways to tie a scarf, it could depends of the weather, if is too cold you can wear it closer to your neck, but if the weather is hot you can wear it loose with any additional accessories, like a pin or big button.

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Take your time and visit other pages from this website to learn how to knit a scarf; I gave you step by step to follow to create beautiful scarves, you can change colors and sizes, you can add other accessories, you can combine different kind of stitches. Scarves are so pretty.

I recommend you to wear them often make you to look more confident and elegant. I really, really love scarves. What about you?

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